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A Teaching Moment for Teachers

Our teachers are a very special group. They work long hours for low pay, helping to shape the minds of our young. They are a very important part of our society. So why do the local governments that they serve allow them to be taken advantage of when it comes to their retirement planning? I […]

A New Year’s Resolution We Should All Try to Keep

The beginning of a new year always brings us the opportunity to make positive changes in our lives. Over the years, we’ve all set resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, save more money, spend less, spend more time with our loved ones, etc. But there’s one resolution that I’ve never seen anyone talk about; one […]

Happy New Year – 2017!

Happy New Year! The old cliché’ is that the time goes by faster as you get older. Well, I seem to have reached the age where Father Time feels like he’s running at full speed. I hope that you had a warm and wonderful holiday season. We’d like to start this year with a wish […]

Hurricane Matthew – We Dodged a Bullet!

This message is mostly intended for our clients and friends along the east coast, but there is a good lesson here for all of us. When Hurricane Matthew came to visit recently, there was the potential for devastation like we haven’t seen since Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. Until the last minute “wobble” that took the […]

It’s Summertime! A Perfect Time for a (Credit) Freeze!

Originally posted July 28, 2014. One of the first steps in building a financial plan is to make sure that the assets you own are properly protected.  When we talk about protecting your assets, most people think of making sure their auto, homeowners and liability insurance policies are in place and sufficient.  If you are […]