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One day you wake up and you realize retirement has sneaked up on you. It is just years (or months!) away, and you now have a host of questions that need answering. Questions like: Have I saved enough for retirement? When should I start taking Social Security benefits? What about Medicare?

We have been working with pre-retirees like you since we started Rall Capital Management. We will help you determine your goals for retirement and create a comprehensive road map that helps you achieve your goals while addressing:

  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Tax-efficient strategies to maximize income
  • How much to withdraw from investment accounts
  • The age to start taking Social Security benefits
  • When to enroll in Medicare
  • Legacy wishes for children and other loved ones
  • Potential needs for health care and long-term care

Our goal is to help you meet your next life chapter with confidence. By providing financial guidance and management, we can help you achieve peace of mind that even the smallest details have been covered, freeing you to enjoy a smooth transition into retirement.


Social Security

Social Security is complex, and understanding it is crucial. Your decision about when to apply could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Download our free resource to get answers about timing, terms, and other import factors.


Medicare can be confusing and scary, and mistakes in enrollment can be costly. But with a little knowledge (and perhaps the guidance of an unbiased professional), you can make informed decisions about your care. Download our free resources to help you make the right choices:

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