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Keep Mediocrity at Bay—in Running or Finances

“You gotta fight every day to keep mediocrity at bay.” That’s the opening line of one of my favorite Van Morrison songs. If you are reading this and you happen to be under 50 years old, you may have just thought, “Who is Van Morrison?” And even if you do recognize the name of this […]

Emotions—You Can’t Avoid Them, but You Can Control Them

Emotions can be a good thing. There are positive emotions like love, joy, surprise, excitement, amusement, and gratitude. Emotions can also be a bad thing. Negative emotions include fear, panic, anxiety, anger, sorrow, greed, and hate. We would obviously prefer to experience positive emotions, but sometimes life’s circumstances get in the way and we face […]

It’s a New Year—Time to Get Your Financial House in Order

New Year’s resolutions—almost everyone makes them; hardly anyone keeps them. Along with exercising more and eating healthier, getting our financial house in order is one of the most common promises we make to ourselves each year–and one that we continue to break. But this is the year that’s going to change. This post is the […]

Should You Invest in a Bit of Bitcoin?

Even if you pay only scant attention to the financial media, you’ve probably heard a lot lately about the newest investment craze: bitcoin. The meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency over the last year has the talking heads on the financial channels falling all over themselves trying to get you to watch their latest analysis. In fact, […]