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Should You Invest in a Bit of Bitcoin?

Even if you pay only scant attention to the financial media, you’ve probably heard a lot lately about the newest investment craze: bitcoin. The meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency over the last year has the talking heads on the financial channels falling all over themselves trying to get you to watch their latest analysis. In fact, […]

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is (the Lack of) Fear Itself

This has been a pretty good year to be an investor. The Dow Jones Industrial Average just passed through the 24,000 level for the first time ever. The S&P 500, a broader measure of “the market,” finished higher in November, making it 13 months in a row of gains, also a record. Both indices are […]

12 Most Common Investment Mistakes

Not long ago, I read the results of a survey that the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute had sent to its members. The organization was interested in learning about the most common mistakes made by individual investors. What they learned wasn’t all that surprising but should be reviewed by anyone with an investment account. After a […]

You Could Learn a Lot from My Friend Marge

I lost a client last week, and like other times when I have lost a client, I learned something very important. My friend Marge didn’t leave our firm for another advisor—she passed away. It’s hard to think about death being a blessing, but in her case, it might have been. You see, Marge suffered from […]

Can You Afford to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance? Can You Afford Not To?

Long-term care is one of those subject matters that no one wants to think about, let alone talk about. It’s a lot like talking or thinking about death; we don’t like to do that either, even though we all know that we’re going to die someday. Despite this certainty, I read this morning that 64% […]

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and What It Might Mean to You

This week will mark a year since the election of President Trump. Since then, much of the buzz around his agenda has been about the possibility of tax reform. Last week we finally got a look at the proposal. Keep in mind that, at this point, it is simply a proposal. No laws have been […]

Don’t Be a Lone Ranger

One of my favorite television shows when I was a kid was “The Lone Ranger.” Yes, it was on a black-and-white television! “The Lone Ranger” was also popular on the radio, in comic books, and in several movies. I even had a chance to meet him once at a county fair. The Lone Ranger was […]

Does Your Asset Allocation Include All of Your Assets?

When most investors think about asset allocation, or diversifying their portfolio, they think of spreading their money around in stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, etc. And that is mostly correct. Very few portfolios take into consideration what might be your biggest asset. If you are still working, your ability to get up and go to […]

Time Flies When the Markets Rally

I don’t want to alarm you, but in case you haven’t noticed, there are only about 75 more days until Christmas, which means about 74 more shopping days! As they say, time seems to pass more quickly every year, and this year is certainly no exception. It’s hard to believe that we just ended the […]

Mark Your Calendar: Medicare Open Enrollment Is Almost Here

You can’t tell it by looking at the calendar, unless you know what you are looking for, but we are getting ready to head into one of the most important times of the year. No, I’m not talking about the holiday season, although I’m sure we will be hearing Christmas songs sometime soon. It’s a […]